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Blood Bank

Working of the Blood Bank

  • Blood bank (License No. 319) was started on 11th March 2011.
  • It’s a 24x7-operating Blood Bank with round-the-clock-operation. No Holiday.
  • It provides service in the area of transfusion medicine, testing, and blood components production through programs and services performed by its experienced Senior Medical officer and the Technologists.
  • Above 1000 issues are given in a month.

Services offered: -

    • Whole Blood
    • Packed Red Cells
    • Platelets
    • Fresh Frozen Plasma
    • Cryo-Precipitate
    • Price Details: -

      Whole Blood600
      Any Individual Component700
      Cryo Precipitate750

    Your Role

    This Blood Bank is for the Service of the Public and the patients in need and hence we look forward for the kind co-operation of all of you to show your support for such a noble cause.

    Medical Examination

    Any healthy adult both male or female can donate blood whose age is between 18 to 60 years. Hemoglobin should not be less than 12.5g/dl., pulse 70 to 90/minute with no irregularities. Temperature - Normal (oral temp. not exceeding 37.5 C.) Body weight not less than 45kg. Medical examination is done for eligibility of the donors by the blood bank medical officer.

    Collection of Blood

    Blood is collected in pleasant surroundings and air - conditioned comfort under aseptic conditions. Each donation is monitored by an instrument called a haemomixer which ensures proper mixing of the blood with the anti coagulant and measures the exact volume of blood collected, 350 ml or 450 ml. The instrument also displays the actual time taken for collection, which should not exceed 10 minutes. This is absolutely essential to ensure the quality of final products components.

    Donor Recovery

    After donation, the donor is provided with hot/cool drinks and snacks and kept under observation for a period of 15 minutes in a separate room for any untoward reaction.

    Grouping and cross matching

    All blood groups are detected by advanced techniques which include cell grouping as well as serum grouping. Using these methods, the group can be cross - checked to avoid errors . The cross-match or compatibility testing is one of the most important procedures carried out in the blood bank. It is not enough if the donor and recipient belong to the same group. There are many other blood group antigens present on the red cell membranes apart from A, B, and 0 groups and the corresponding antibodies in the serum can give rise to severe reactions in the patient and can even cause death. Therefore, a full panel cross-match using saline, 22% bovine albumin and anti-human globulin (Coomb's serum) is carried out before any unit is issued. This takes approximately 60-90 minutes. The latest Gel Technology is also used for these tests and it takes only 25 mts. An additional stand by UPS is provided with to ensure the processing of components is done perfectly.

    Testing for Transmissible Disease

    Each unit of blood is screened by internationally approved methods for Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, HIV (1&2) viruses, syphilis, Malaria and SGPT (a liver function test which indirectly indicates liver damage). The entire testing process is done by ELISA or rapid methods by highly qualified personnel. This extensive screening process takes about 5-6 hours approximately.Recently a latest & sophisticated automatic ELISA Processor EVOLIS TWIN PLUS BIORAD was installed in which very accurate results are obtained and this takes only 2 hours.

    Blood Component Separation

    A donor unit is separated within 6 hours of collection into 4 basic components: Packed red cells (RBC's) Platelet concentrate, Fresh Frozen Plasma and Cryoprecipitate. The separation done by using special sophisticated equipment T-ACE II + and actual separation is carried out under strict aseptic conditions using laminar flow. A stand by UPS is provided so that the processing of components are done perfectly.

    Buffy Coat Preparation Method

    Now we have installed the latest T-ACE II + TERUMO automatic component Extractor for the standardised processing of centrifuged blood according to good manufacturing practice. By using this machine platelet concentrates are prepared by Buffy coat method. Good quality quadruple bags are used in this method. Platelet quality in platelets concentrates prepared is superior when compared to other method. This method gives a more yield of plasma. Standardised high quality blood products are achieved with better yield of blood components.

    Storage of Blood Components

    Whole blood and Packed red cells are stored in special Blood Bank refrigerators at a temperature of 2-6°C. They can be kept for a period of 35 to 42 days depending upon the anticoagulant used. Platelets can be kept at 22°C with constant agitation for 5 days. Fresh Frozen Plasma is stored at - 30°C for one year and Cryoprecipitate can be preserved at - 70°C for one year. Whole blood stored at 4°C loses its coagulation factors activity and platelets within a few hours.

    Issue of Components

    Over the last decade, blood transfusion has been renderd safer by transfusing only the needed component to the patients, namely, Packed Red Cells to anaemic patients or to those undergoing surgery, Platelets for those children and adults with low platelet counts due to diseases like VHF ITP cancer, medication or snake bite, Plasma for patients with burns, liver disease, kidney disease etc and Cryo precipitate for Haemophilia. Apart from providing the right component, this rational approach helps in the optimal use of scarce blood resources while minimising unwanted reactions.

    Depending upon the component, blood is transported to distant places usually in thermocol boxes with or without ice. Care is taken to see that the ice does not come in direct contact with the blood component. Full instructions are given to the people collecting the component from the Blood Bank regarding proper and safe transport.

    Data Management System

    All relevant data pertaining to donors, recipients, test results, stock, reservations, issues, component manufacture and shelf life etc. are stored in a computer.



    S.F.No.128/2, (2249),
    Trichy Road, Singanallur,
    Coimbatore – 641 005.
    TamilNadu, INDIA.

    Landline : +91 422 2205500
    Mobile : +91 8489933122 / 8489933126 / 8489933127
    E-Mail :

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